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The Chevrolet Silverado is a line of trucks under the Chevrolet brand and manufactured by General Motors. Mechanically, the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are identical.

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2009 chevy 2500 HD overheating, but starts cooling when revved

2009 chevy2500 hd overheating, but when I rev the engine it cools. This model does NOT have a radiator cap. I've replaced tstat already as well as fan clutch. And have burped the system to purge air bubbles. Water pump maybe?

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I will check the radiator first, maybe is rusted or clogged with buildup on the inside, also a good clean of the outside fins check for leaves or dirt clogging air flow before moving to the inside inspection, if that is not it, next check should be the thermostat for the same reasons, and if that was not the problem either most likely will be the water pump, some water pumps made of metal lose their propellers due to corrosion.

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Have already flushed water through the radiator. Cleaned radiator as well. And ac condenser coil. Used a mild coil cleaner, so I know it's definitely clear. New tstat, new fan clutch. Water pump is maybe 1 year old. Also installed an electric auxiliary fan which I use when idling for any extended period of time (like when stuck in traffic)...


Well, if you already changed all that and still having the same problem, you might want to test your water pump, at least open it to see the propeller is intact and all fins are there, too much low quality parts out there. all points to lack of quantity of water moving at low RPM... If radiator is clean inside the water should move at a very fast speed unrestricted (remove both hoses up and down hose and pour a gallon of water in it, it should immediately pour out on the other side, it should be no much delay or restriction), if thermostat is new, you can try removing it and see if the problem goes away, if it does replace it for another brand, exchange under warranty or just ride without it if you live in a hot place, besides those easy to check stuff... I can only think your problem has to be the water pump not pumping enough volume at low RPMs due to damage in the propeller, either by corrosion or mechanical damage. Hope that helps and you can get it fix soon.


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