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A wireless, more traditional, video game controller produced by Nintendo for the Switch system. Model number: HAC-013.

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Can I buy just this part for my broken Pro Controller Joystick?

Hey there, so my left analog stick on my pro controller physically gets stuck and dosent bounce back after moving to in a direction. I took it apart and believe I found the cause.

This little gray piece seems to be missing from the left stick (I havent cleaned it yet, sorry for the grossness):

Now I would have assumed that this piece was somewhere loose in the controller but I can't find it anywhere, and nothing fell out when I took it apart. Seems weird to me that it could have somehow wiggled out of the controller at any point because it isn't THAT small. Maybe I'm just blind.

Anyway, was hoping someone might be able to point me to a replacement piece, because while I know how to solder, I don't really WANT to replace the whole joystick, plus don't have the money for the replacement.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (05/09/23)

Alright, so ultimately since you can't seem to buy just that part, I bought $10 replacement sticks and just took that part off one of them. It just popped right out easy peasy. When snapping it into my original joystick however, while it fit perfectly, the joystick was lifting it up. Leads me to believe it wasn't actually the gray piece that failed but something to do with the casing of the joystick?

Anyway, I took some gorilla glue and a sewing needle and very carefully applied a small amount of glue underneath the gray piece as well as along its sides. Held it firmly in place for about 2 minutes and it stayed. I then applied a little more glue to the top of the little bracket.

Seems to have worked! We'll see if the glue stands the test of time though and keeps the piece in it's proper place!

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@tech_ni I'm talking about the little gray thing circled in the picture, not those. It's just a little bracket that keeps the joystick in the right place.


@pengwynd i dont think they are available separately


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You’ll need to buy a whole new stick module and solder it onto the board. Shed loads on eBay etc.

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