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Information and repair instructions for Sub-Zero Refrigerator

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Fridge is freezing food, freezer not freezing as well?

I have a Sub Zero Refrigerator and the fridge part is freezing food and the freezer part is not working as well as it should. The Freon is low and not circulating

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Mary Ellen Mahaffey, have you checked to see if the condenser fan is operating? Are the condenser coils clean and clear? Also check to see if the condenser fan operating at the correct R.P.M.? How do you know that your freon is low? Exactly what model refrigerator do you have? If the freon is low, you do have a leak.


Which model do you have?


Amana abc2037dts is the model # with the bottom freezer


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The food in the refrigerator freezes

This is a common problem that often doesn't have a clear, permanent solution. The first thing to check is the overall internal refrigerator temperature. The proper temperature should be between 35 and 42 degrees. Here are some things to try:

If your refrigerator temperature is closer to 35 degrees, try turning the temperature up slightly.

If you find that the temperature varies a lot from the top shelf to the bottom (where it is coldest), try putting produce and other sensitive products on a higher shelf.

If the temperature is too low and you can't make it warmer by adjusting the thermostat, you probably have a defective thermostat. If so, you need to replace it, because they cannot be repaired. Other possible problems are a leak in the sealed (refrigerant) system, cold air migration (in side-by-side models) or a defective air damper. These problems can be quite difficult to locate and correct, I recommend you contact a qualified appliance repair technician.

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I have an Amana french doors with bottom freezer. I have the temp at the recommended 38 setting. the food in the refrigerator was almost freezing. I raised the temp to 40 but I still have very cold food. What do you recommend I do?

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Read the answer I've already given above.


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