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The DeWalt D26451 Random Orbit Sander is a 5-inch sander with a 3 Amp, 12,000 RPM motor. DeWalt discontinued this model, but replacement parts for the D26451 can still be found online.

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Should I try to repair or replace?

My sander came apart as I was sanding - one of the holes that a bolt attaches the pad to the sander became stripped (bolt isn’t stripped). I think the center thing with three holes needs to be replaced. I’m guessing the thing that sits on the pad rests on also needs to be replaced from the failure.

Is this repairable or do I need to buy a new sander?

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Maybe pick up a used one listed as "for parts" on ebay to cannibalize to replace the damaged parts on yours?

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Both ideas above are good suggestions. In case you need to use the same size screw in the stripped hole but can't find a spare part, you can insert a helicoil. Basically, you will drill and tap a slightly larger hole and insert the helicoil (looks like a small slinky, or spiral). Helicoils come in a variety of sizes, with your required thread size on the inside, and a larger thread size on the outside. has a lot of selection of helicoils. (their website has listings that include the drill size for the enlarged hole, and they also have the tool to install the helicoils easily) Just one more option ....

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@geoffkenyon that looks like some cast aluminum piece. Measure the hole diameter, check charts like this and find the tap drill size closest to the diameter of that stripped hole. Get a Tap and die set like this (shown for illustration only Harbor freight has some inexpensive ones) for that size and just re-tap it. Yes you may have to use a bigger screw but that should not cause you any issue. That way you have pretty much zero waste and none of this is to expensive. The other thing you could do, is to just take it to a decent garage/workshop/ local schools that have a shop are good resources too. etc and they will re-tap it for you for a nominal fee.

Repair is War on Entropy!

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Google dewalt dealers in your area and ring or pay them a visit. They should have a parts diagram that they can order the part in for you. Long gone are the days when you could walk in and collect the part you need.

Attached is a link to a site with a drawing and if you scroll down there is a part number for the part you need. I’d replace the bearing too.

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