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The XV20 series of the Toyota Camry is Toyota's 6th generation of the Camry sedan.

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Why is my car overheating

I have a 1998 Toyota camary I replaced the radiator and the thermostat I’m currently working on the radiator fan,the fan works but the relay is the issue I got a new relay but it still doesn’t turn the fan on automatically. I manually got the fans to operate by taking one of the electrical connectors to see if the car would still overheat and it does. So I total I changed my radiator my thermostat and my Fans work. what could be another problem. I’m currently bleeding my radiator so I can put some new antifreeze in it to see if it would work

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@dae70295 your check fan switch (ECT Switch) on the right side lower tank of the radiator. It is possible that this is not turning your fan on. Since you already replaced the relay, you should have power to the switch. Check there.

This part Cooling of the SM should help you with your diagnostics.

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Thank you I will check that now hopefully I find the solution to my problem


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