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Fourth generation of the Toyota Pickup.

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I checked my air conditioner fuses and they are all ok.

I checked my a/c fuses and they are good

I power jumped the compressor clutch engages

Switch light comes on but does not engage clutch.

Can Low Freon cause this?

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@tarrellhughes let's see if we can figure this out. What exact model is your PU? What is the exact engine size and engine model?


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Really depends. Without exactly details for your vehicle i can't say for sure. BUT... on the low pressure (suction side) you'll see it goes into a large metal cylinder. In refrigeration this is a receiver, but in automotive I believe it's a dryer. Now, on multiple vehicles I've worked on (and owned) there's a sensor attached to that or somewhere nearby. This is a pressure sensor. Usually it opens and shuts the compressor down at ~20psi. This is a normal feature that prevents the ac from just running constantly and freezing the evap coil, and from running if it's low (say, in a vacuum) and contaminating the system with noncondensables. Find that plug, and just take a small wire and jump it from one pin to the next. If it turns on then you need to check refrigerant levels. If those are good you need to ohm out the pressure switch to make sure it hasn't failed.

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