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The Samsung Galaxy A30S is a phone released by Samsung in August of 2019. It came with Android 9.0

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I broke my LCD and The battery is dead

I punched it real hard when I raged quit, after that the screen went yellow and wasnt charging, my mom got it fixed for me but it wasnt charging properly and the screen will randomly turn black. After that while I was at vacation, it died. Its not charging anymore and its not turning on.

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I change my lcd desplay

=== Update (07/02/23) ===

I change my lcd display


@akash51569 that's great. All fixed?


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It's really hard to say what damage you may have done when you took your frustration out on your defenseless phone.

I'm going to start out by assuming you've tried the obvious, using a different charger and a different charging cord. If not, do so now before anything else. Next, get yourself a magnifying glass and check inside the charging port. Using a bright light, check for an dirt, dust, pocket lint or anything else that might be stuck inside the port. Also look for any of the pins being bent or broken. Assuming everything's okay, get sum rubbing alcohol that's at least 90% concentration and clean the port with say a toothpick and a microfiber eyeglass cloth.

That covers the obvious; after that any repairs will involve opening up the phone. There are three main parts that could be at fault with no good way to tell which one might be causing the problem. There's the battery of course; you could have damaged the electronic circuits that are built into the battery itself. That's probably where I'd start, since it won't ever hurt to have a brand new battery even if that doesn't turn out to be the problem.

Sadly, iFixit doesn't have any guides available for your phone, but there's a French site called SOSav that does. Other than a couple of odd bits of terminology due to translation, the guides are complete and very usable. You'll need to note that "batteries" gets translated as "drums" and "flex cables" comes out as "tablecloths". Other than those, you should be able to figure out anything else.

Drums Galaxy a30s repair - Free guide - SOSav

If that doesn't fix it, then you'll need to look at the charging port as the next most likely suspect. Fortunately it's on a separate circuit board from the motherboard so it doesn't require soldering to change it out. Again, SOSav has a guide to do that repair.

Charging connector Galaxy a30s repair - Free guide - SOSav

The only other part I can see would be the flex cable that connects the charging port to the logic board; that could conceivably be damaged.

If none of these repairs helps, then it's getting more and more likely that you've caused damage to the motherboard that could be very difficult to repair. Board level repairs require a much higher degree of expertise and specialized equipment than most of us are capable of doing, so you'd have to find a specialist to fix those sorts of problems. If it gets to that, it's probably not going to be work fixing as you can almost certainly buy a used phone cheaper than what a repair like that might cost.

Welp, there you go kiddo. Hope that information helps. If you follow the instructions carefully there's every reason to think you can do those repairs yourself, but if not you can always show this information to your mom and see if perhaps she'd like to try fixing your phone.

Good luck and let us know what happens!

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Lcd could be broke... along with the Digitizer(if you can't operate touch screen) when punched you may have broken a few connections. Best bet is take it to a shop... or file it under insurance

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