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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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My 50cc 2 stroke has sudden loss and regain of power when on high spee

My suzuki runs good from start

I cleaned the carb, feul tank, reed valves and the feul lines

As soon as i get up to speed it has sudden short losses of power

It doesnt have long losses of power and speed but does it in fast intervals of not even a second

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@hannesbuys since you already took care of most of the fuel issue and considering "does it in fast intervals of not even a second" I would check the timing. Check the magneto, coil and airgap. The SM for your Suzuki can be found here Suzuki-FA50-service-manual-1980.pdf

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Thank you sooo much il have a look

I think there may be a chance of the problem being my transmition (the 3 gears on the back)


@hannesbuys you are welcome. REally hope you get that moped going again. Those are awesome. Anyhow, I am not sure if your transmission could do "but does it in fast intervals" that. Always good to go over everything and checking things out. Best of luck to you.


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