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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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Best adhesive/liquid adhesive for resealing the back glass

Hello everyone, I was planning to replace my Galaxy s8's battery, and so I would much appreciate if someone could tell me if it were better to use tape adhesive or liquid adhesive to reseal the phone's back glass. And in both cases, which brand and properties should the tape/liquid adhesive have.

Thanks and have a good day.

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Since the IP rating is toast once you even break one section of the seal, I just use a thin double sided tape which comes off cleanly like Tesa tape, rather then painful adhesive. Yes, I DID put the awful OEM tape on an S6 Edge+ I sold someone for trade-in as it was a leftover pack (don't ask why I didn't try and repair it; it was BER due to the screen like every other old Samsung with a cracked display and the aftermarket battery I put in was shot, so 2 for 1 situation), but I did that because it didn't matter as I would never see that phone again, so I will be making the life of some recycler hard on a phone which was destined to be sold for scrap.

If it was a long term phone I'd use thin Tesa tape, 4mm or 8mm should be good. Tesa 61395 Tape

HOWEVER, if I was doing a professional repair and it wasn't an old Samsung I am building a cheap hacked together mess from for me to tinker with I would disclose how I do it, and why. Depending on the client I will use original adhesive to give it the best shot at sealing but no guarantees it is fully sealed either. Even my Pixel 6a is no longer sealed as I preferred to make it serviceable.

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Tesa 61395 Tape


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Thanks, that was very helpful.


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Personally, I recommend options that are as close to OEM or brand manufacturer as possible where available. iFixit sells an aftermarket adhesive kit for the rear cover here as well as options for the battery -and screen if you want it. Despite being aftermarket, these may serve the purpose with similar efficacy if they leverage the same method of adhesion. The downside is that you may not manage to get the equivalent of restoring the IP68 rating for an S8, which implies a complete protection from dust contamination and waterproofing up to 1.5 meters under fresh water for 30 minutes. Assuming that you're not looking to let your phone take a dip, these kinds of specialized films and strips are a perfect fit. You may be able to find cheaper options as well as guarantees/return options through other online retailers, so do your research.

I hope this has been helpful and that you manage a successful repair.

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Galaxy S8 Rear Cover Adhesive


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Galaxy S8 Battery Adhesive Strips


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Thanks, in the end I believe I will use the tape.


@matteomontani No problem. I hope that it serves as a satisfactory solution.


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