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A bluetooth Marathon Mouse by Logitech released in 2010.

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Fix Left click button

Left click don't work while all other buttons work properly

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Imad, when you press the left click button, does it still make a sound? If not, you probably either need to replace the switch (the mechanism that registers clicks) or buy a new mouse (if you don't want to disassemble your mouse), and if so, it's probably something a bit more complex, in which case I would heavily recommend buying a new mouse.

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Dear Shingle

Thank you for your quick reply.

Yes i still have a click sound ;what to do in this case?


@imadchidiac Well, that means that the switch isn't broken. What specifically are you using the mouse for? Also, how long have you been using it for?


I used for a smart TV less than a year


Hmm. And all the other mouse buttons work? That's quite strange. Have you tried using a different mouse? If left-clicking doesn't work with the different mouse, then it is a problem with your smart TV. If left-clicking does work with a different mouse, then you should probably just buy a new mouse. Personally, I would recommend the Logitech K400 Plus if you want a trackpad-keyboard combo, or either the Logitech M705 or M330 if you already have a keyboard (the M705 has better battery life, but is slightly more expesnsive, and both mice are on sale).


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Maybe worth a try--what do you have to lose?

(I'd use electronic cleaner or 91/99% alcohol instead of WD40):

Good luck!

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