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The Samsung NP-N130-JA01US 10.1 inch Netbook PC was released April 23, 2010 and runs the Windows 7 Starter Edition operating system.

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Why is my laptop showing DNS server is not responding

When browsing it'll bring no internet access then I troubleshoot it bringing DNS server is not responding

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Daniel, lots could be happening here but my guess is that the DNS server IP address is being sent from your wifi router using something called DHCP. You can go into your wifi network settings and verify that DHCP should be the setting there. Depending on the router, you can check what the DNS server it is handing out is. Your Internet provider should have a preferred DNS server or two that the router is using and typically your laptop should point its DNS lookup to your router’s IP address (which is the “Default Gateway” address in your laptops Wifi setting). If your router is having issues with DNS, you can try setting your laptop’s dns to (keep the other IP settings the same) to see if that works. If it does work, your router or ISP has a DNS problem and the ISP should be able to troubleshoot with you.

Sorry if my answers are overly technical but hoping this is still helpful for you. Good luck!👍

When posting questions it is super helpful if you provide details like your laptop OS (Mac vs Windows) as well as your overall technical level.

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