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The Galaxy Watch Active2 is a smartwatch from Samsung Electronics. Its model number is SM-R825, SM-R830, or SM-R835 and was released in August 2019. Repair your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 with these guides.

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Touchscreen not working properly after possible water damage

I got the watch (44mm model) in late 2019 and have been using it pretty much every day since.

In autumn 2022 I noticed that the display suddenly started sliding to the side when I pressed hard enough. In late 2022 it completely came off and I had it repaired in one of those official unofficial service centers (apparently licensed by Samsung but they do their own repairs), which was almost 100€ (got lucky and there was a promotion). They replaced the full top part and told me that the watch was now basically like a new one. They also give you 6 additional months of warranty, which ended about 3 weeks ago.

I sometimes shower with the watch on when it's really dirty (maybe once a week, have been doing that since I got it) and I did so too on Sunday. As usual, I used the special "water mode", then had it expel the water twice. Afterwards I put it on a table and when I came back later, it was stuck in some weird reboot loop: Showing "Samsung... rebooting" for a couple of seconds, then a black screen for a couple of seconds - and repeat.

I managed to get it to start back up by pressing the on/off button for 30 seconds but since then the touchscreen has been acting up: Sometimes it doesn't react at all, then it's swiping left on its own or registering a continuous touch, even though I only swiped once.

I called the service center but they said that I'm going to have to pay for the repair again and the promotion has ended in the meantime, so no idea how much it will be.

Question 1: Is it okay to charge the watch if everything else (sleep tracking,...) is still working fine (it's just the touchscreen that's kind of messed up, I think)?

Question 2: Is there anything I can do to fix the watch? I'm able to use a screwdriver but I don't know much about electronics.

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If you want to fix it yourself, take the back cover off (Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Motherboard Replacement follow up to step 4) and check for water or any corrosion. If nothing, take it apart as far as you feel comfortable with the guide above. Check for any wet areas or corrosion. If there is nothing, I'm afraid to say you may have to take it to the service center.

Anchevauls Walker


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Thanks for your reply!

I charged the watch on Tuesday, so two days ago, and the touchscreen hasn't acted up again since. I know, it's weird, almost as if there was still water stuck underneath the touchscreen and charging the watch "burned" it away, even though that doesn't make sense (highly doubt that it would get hot enough for that).

Would you still recommend opening the watch? What does corrosion look like exactly, like rust? If I find any, is it true that I should try and brush it off with a toothbrush and a high percentage isopropanol? What if I find water?


@neph9630 corrosion could be rusty or bright green/blue ish to even some white. If the touchscreen isn't acting up anymore I wouldn't think it would be necessary to open up the device, but if it starts acting up again, yes I would take it apart and try to gently scrape away the corrosion.

If water is found, a cotton swab (Q-tip) and isopropanol would definitely work to remove it. Before doing any of this though, disconnect the battery (you have to remove the whole motherboard) as to not short any contacts.

Using either a toothpick or something else sharp carefully scratch away the corrosion and be very, very, VERY careful to not accidentally scratch away a PCB track (they're the light green lines across the board) and wipe it up with a cotton swab.


Okay, thanks for the tips!

Any guess why charging would fix the problem?

Would it also be possible to drain the battery completely naturally, instead of removing the motherboard and disconnecting the battery?


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