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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Laptop will not boot after battery replacement

Issue was well described by 13" MacBook Pro won't boot after battery replacement

(but with an accepted answer that didnt work for me i need a new question)

However, mine has not resolved by the answer given. I have seen other similar questions and done a lot of reading but having tried those solutions, I am still no further along.

My laptop had a new ifixit battery, fitted my me, and it all went swimmingly according to the instructions and rebooted fine after the repair and was great. I shut it down later that day after use and since then, its not been able to boot unless i disconnect and reconnect the new battery - then it boots fine. I have tried this lots of times and done various keystrokes to try and get RAM to reset etc, but its consistently a problem. No beeps, no fan, no noise or sign of life of any kind, except the light on the charger, which goes green when its charged, and goes green when you press the power button to try and turn it on.

Research tells me it could well be a new logic board, but im lacking a way to diagnose whether this is the case before spending the cash (the money isnt an issue if i know its likely to work!). I have contacted local repair places and nobody inspired enough trust for me to hand over my laptop, for various reasons. Im out of options.

Can anyone else please advise how to fix, diagnose ... or anything about this issue? I would really REALLY appreciate your time and help on this

Update (07/03/23)

Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for your reply on this, im at my wits end, snd sorry for the delay in getting back, work drama and being away maybe wasn't the best time to post. Any who, I did a battery disconnect-reconnect, and after a reluctant start it came on and i pressed D and it went away and did the whole 'checking my mac' and it came back saying no issues. I took photos but they're not super helpful. Then having restarted (which it can do fine once its on the first time seemingly) from the D key on startup, installed CocunutBattery, and here is the screenshots:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

(ive no idea if that will work, the platform wasn't behaving super well)

After this, i did a PRAM reset just for good measure. I dare say when i shut it down again it won't turn on but I will try it - and if it comes on ill let you know, but otherwise, assume im still very much stuck!

Thanks again :)

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@racheldance - mmm… You have a fun one for sure🙁 the battery looks OK, still needs a bit of time to charge, but we can see it is so that’s good the battery health also looks good. When did you replace the battery? In the last month or so. Did you calibrate the battery per the instructions that came with the battery?


Hi Dan,

Yep, hand on heart I followed the ifixit instructions to the letter, and the mac responded exactly how they said it would. Did the full charging cycle and didn't cut any corners with it by being impatient etc. After I was done I did a time machine backup again and turned it off for a few days as I don't have it on all the time, and then it just wouldn't turn back on. The replacement was a few months ago, as I've been trying to do research on places that might help, and contacted ifixit, and the few places that got back to me sounded like they knew less than I did. I did bring it back to life periodically so it's not been sat for too long in one go without being revived as well, and needless to say it's been kept in a good office environment with no damp, dust, or extreme heat ...

Im just not sure what else to even try now? Getting very tired of reading the same unhelpful things on web pages a million times and trawling forums


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Let’s get a bit more info… Download this gem of an App CoconutBattery it will allow you to see your battery’s charge and status. Post a snapshot of the main window here so we too can see things.

I would also see what the onboard diagnostic tells you. Restart your system after resetting things and press the D key

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

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