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The OnePlus 5 (OP5) is a 5th generation smartphone released June 20, 2017. It is the successor to the OnePlus 3T and predecessor to the OnePlus 5T.

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Where can I get OnePlus 5 Charging Port Bracket?

Hi everyone, my charging port bracket for the OnePlus was lost due to a repair a long time back. Now the charging port gets loose every often. And I am simply tired of repairing it everytime. Does anyone know where can I get this part(Bracket) or does someone make this part. I just can't seem to find it locally.

Thanks, your help will be grateful.

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Found this one

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Nice find, Nigel! Weren't any on the US site and it didn't occur to me to check the UK version.


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Hi Tezan,

Ah, I see what you must be referring to now; you're talking about the bracket the holds the other end of the charging flex assembly (along with the screen connector) onto the mother board! You mean this one here, right?

Block Image

I pride myself on finding obscure things on the internet, but I have to admit this one's got me stumped. The unfortunate things is that parts like this are going to only be available used since it doesn't appear anybody is carrying it either from the manufacturer or as an aftermarket part. It's entirely possible nobody is making it simply because there isn't any real demand for it, at least not enough to justify reverse-engineering it and manufacturing a replacement.

There are lots of guys on here who do repairs for a living who may know more sources for parts, so definitely don't give up based on my inability to find one. I'll keep looking though and let you know if anything comes up.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Yes the last one, you posted. The one that helps the charging port to stay tight.


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