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Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy A51 Android smartphone. Released in January of 2020.

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dock flex tester to trouble shoot issuses

Hi community i am trying to trouble shooting a samsung a51 it wont charge or turn on im useing dock flex tester not sure if im using it correctly or even know what to do with the values. im still learning and trying to understand how phones work. i got the schematics, I cant find any information on the internet on how to use these dock flex connectors it looks like people are only selling them. in my search i found out the iphone uses tristar i wondering what the andriod version is. these question are probaly very noobish but i need to start someone to understand how the phones work and troubleshoot. i have basic understanding of electronics i purchased a course on udemy to learn about mobile phones micro soldering ect but the explanations are very vague and wish to learn more about mobile phones. If someone could please point me in the wright direction to have a better understanding that would be greatly preciated. thanks

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@mrfixit8978 do you have some sort of make or model for this "dock flex tester"? That way we can all be in the same book...;-)


Its made by OSS TEAM, Dock Flex Tester USB C it seems tobme to be a standard Chinese one it has A1-A12 on one side other side B1-B12


For more info i have messured battery voltage is fine i replaced the Main Board Flex Cable because i belive i damaged it when opening the case. There could be an issue with the Main C to C CON as when i was inspecting it under the microscope there was some bits of the old Main Board Flex Cable stuck in it. A simple solution would be to just replace the whole SUB PBA. Althought I would like to dive deeper in finding the component thats the problem useing the multimeter/microsolderong where needed. Any advice would be great.


Doing further research i might as well just replace the whole SUB PBA. I would like know how to use the dock flex tester tho going back to the orginal post. Sorry went a it off topic.


Just to add more information about this device i have links here

This shows the usb safety tester data

This phone was working before i took the back cover off


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Okay, here is a video demonstrating how to use a dock flex tester. The video uses an iPhone, but all of the dock flex testers are identical except for the USB connector. You will most likely need a multimeter (or an oscilloscope [or both, if you’re really serious about getting into electronics. I got an old one for $15 from a local college selling one on a government surplus website.]).

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Thank you Shingle for shareing the video i have watched it before. What im not understanding is what to do with the values i get and what they correspond to or mean. And say i get a zeroL reading on port B4 or something what does that mean? I have both a multimeter and digital oscilloscope(DC only)


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