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The Compaq Mini 110 is smaller than a traditional laptop making it very portable. It's great for doing work on the go and it's easy to sync with your main computer making the Compaq Mini a great companion.

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keyboard is not working

keyboard is not typing any word but mouse is working and not refreshing f5.

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when i go to address,it show eeeeeeeeee..... or 777777777... without control,i clear and shock the keyboard,still same thing,it must be replaced?


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When you start your computer try and access the BIOS. See if your keyboard shows up in the menu. If your keyboard is unresponsive even at start up, I believe that it might need to be replaced. Of course you can also try to tap F11 as soon as you press the power button to see if this will launch Recovery Manager. If it it does, you can use this to reinstall the OS and you know that your keyboard is working. Use these guides to work on your Compaq. Hope this helps, good luck.

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