Why is my Galaxy S9 vibrating, plugged, not turing on and cant reset?

Hello and thank you for your help!

I have a GalaxyS9 that inst my primary phone, however, I have kept it charged typically to access data, contacts, old messages, pictures, etc. I have had no problems until now. I plugged it in to charge and it at first respondeded with a continuous vibration without shutting off for a while (1-3 minutes or so). I had to unplug it to shut off the vibration. When I tried to reset it while vibrating it did not, only responded with continued vibration.

Now as I plug it into my laptop it doesn't turn on but has short bursts of vibration without turning on. No response to the reset either here.

Can someone please help me :)

Thank you, Nature Lover 23

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have your tired putting a flashlight to the side of the screen in a dark room, and see if you can see anything?


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