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Apple's mainstream 2020 iPhone was released October 23rd and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, a dual 12 MP camera system, and in five available colors. Successor to the iPhone 11.

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iPhone 12 will not update after battery replacement

I changed the batteries on 3 iPhone 12's using good quality batteries from. 2 of the phones will not update to the latest IOS.

Because of the square edge design of the iPhone 12 and the new glue being used, I was concerned about how I would get the screens off without them cracking, so I heated the phones up to 90 degrees, used a pry tool to get the screen out of the frame slightly and then used Isopropanol to degenerate the glue.

I did not disconnect the screens when I did the battery replacement.

Could the Isopropanol be trapped in the phone causing some issues or is this because of the battery, which I doubt. The third phone seems to be ok.

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I just have a few questions

Does it work if you update using iTunes and/or 3U tools?

What version of IOS are they on

Do you get an error of any kind

Have you confirmed they are not blacklisted

Is baseband working/does the IMEI show up in settings


Hi Sabastian, thanks for the help.

Not tried via iTunes or 3U Tools. Did not have this problem before the batteries were replaced.

They are trying to update to IOS 16.6.

Error message says "Unable to verify update"

They have tried updating at a different location to eliminate the possibility of it being slow internet connection.

I can not imaging why they would be blacklisted, they are not short of cash and these are phones used for a business.

Will get the other answers shortly.


The answer to the 2 other questions you had are:

The IMEI is visible

The current IOS is 16.6, which is strange, but...

I think I may have uncovered the issue. This person had Beta Updates switched on. Beta updates were then switched off for this update. The phone is showing IOS 16.6 installed, but still wanting to install 16.6. Could it be that a 16.6 Beta version is installed and now that Beta updates have been turned off, that the phone is trying to install the 16.6 version which is not beta, but it is unable to as a 16.6 Beta version is installed.


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I have the same issue with you, now I am running on ios 17 public beta 2 and unable to verify for upgrade to beta3 because of i am using the 3rd party brand battery.

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I wonder if the beta updates have some software in it that stop non-genuine batteries from being used?


It might be like that. What’s iOS version that running on your iPhone?


Finally, I can upgrade the fw by restoring from ipsw


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Same issue here on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11. Did my whole family’s iPhone repairs and all had the same update bug. Contacted support and said it was done incorrectly and should go to Apple to get it done “right”. Then transferred to senior from a callback and was told it’s a know issue with 3rd party repairs and said it probably on purpose but should be saying that and the fix is to connect to iTunes to do the update and then all further update will work OTA from then on.

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Same here on an iPhone 11 Pro after a battery replacement… the download would complete and would start to verify, but then would fail with no good reason given. Update through iTunes went fine. What an odd decision. I will try to remember to update this when the next OTA is available to see if that functionality is restored.


I have the same problem with an iPhone 11 Pro after an iFixit battery replacement, but I've been unable to restore it even with Apple Configurator :-(

I keep getting the dreaded:

Unexpected device state 'Recovery' expected 'RestoreOS' (Probably caused by corruption or panic in the bundle's restored) [ – 0xFAD (4013)]


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hello Roland,

Isopropanol is a good solution for the phone. Thanks to the appropriate physical properties, it oxidizes and evaporates almost instantly. It certainly won't cause any damage to the electronics. iPhone upgrade is available in batches. Important is the region of distribution and installed internal components, major chips. The fact that one of the three has already been updated can only mean that the other two are lower on the list of system servers (maybe the production date and serial number are also important, which seems to me to be logically related to the above). Check your WiFi connection and make sure your battery has more than 30% charge. These are the necessary conditions to run the upgrade query.

Connecting the battery with the screen connected is completely normal - you can't assemble the phone in any other way. It would be dangerous to connect the screen while the battery is connected! It would be extremely irresponsible that way.

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I would check the settings on the phone to see what current software the phone's are using. Sometimes if there's beta software on the device it's a pain getting them to update to new ios udpates. The chance of the alcohol messing with the device is unlikely as it's safe to use on electronics.

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