Why my car drive 5km/liter since it should be 14km/L?

Why my Suzuki is using only 5km/Ltr , since it should be 14 km/Ltr?

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@josefmantash I am confused by your measurements. The fuel consumption on the XL-7 should be around 8L/100km Are you saying that you are using 20L/100km?

What exact engine size is this? AT or MT transmission? What have you checked? What do your spark plug (non-diesel only) faces look like? how does it drive/perform? Give us as much information and history on this, as you can.


I'm assuming you're referring to MPG (Miles per gallon). If so, your gas consumption will be effected my your driving style aka are you a speed demon or jack rabbit of the line at a red light. It'll also be effected if you're driving stop and go city driving vs highway driving is always better. Less wear/tear on the parts! Plus the age of the vehicle. As it ages, just like us, it will slow down and use more gas. Tire inflation is a factor as well as if you have a clean engine air filter, not the inside people cabin filter. Also, if you're using the AC alot as well, or remote start to cool or heat your vehicle will have an impact on your fuel consumption!


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