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The G4 Quicksilver came in 533MHz, 667MHz, 733MHz, 800MHz, 933MHz, And 1.0GHz speeds.

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How to connect PMac G4 QS to a MacBook late 2009 model?

I have both machines from the title and would like to know how to connect them together so I can at least get in QS from a macbook.

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What is your end goal here? Are you trying to get files off of the G4 and onto the MacBook, or do you want to be able to remote into / use the G4?


For some reason,quite a few years ago G4 stopped responding so I replaced it with the Macbook and gave away monitor I used with it.Recently,I finally took out the battery from the Macbook 'cause it really started to swell.I only used the machine lightly,e-mail and web surfing for which it worked still pretty well despite it's age.But;as you might guess without the battery the Macbook has really slowed down to the point of frustration.So,I got out the old G4 connected it with ethernet cable just to see what happens...and nothing happened when both machines are turned on.They are way too shy and don't wish to "communicate " with each other.There are no files I need to get out from G4,no worries there .Mostly just curious to see if they can cooperate in web surfing ...


@chrisgreen Thank you Chris .


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I would use an Ethernet cable between the systems. You will still need a display and keyboard & mouse for the system.

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I was hoping Macbook could play that role as display and keyboard is concerned (somehow) ; when computers are connected with Ethernet cable and ”alive “ but,the G4 HD doesn't show on the Macbook screen.

Also;I wonder how to bypass Apple “engineering“ order which decides my ancient Macbook has to slow down significantly when it runs without a battery .Thanks for your comments guys!


@crashexpres - Sorry the MacBook can’t be a display for your G4 system in as far as connecting via the G4’s display output.

You can treat it as a terminal to your system via the Ethernet connection, creating a peer network and doing a remote connection to it. But that requires you can setup the G4 to accept the connection first.

As far as your MacBook it sounds like it is in need of a fresh battery. These older systems batteries just didn’t last that long, as the chemistry we had back then just was limited. Over the years it’s gotten much better, even still batteries still have a lifespan both on age and cycles.


I can't really say anything bad about that battery (No. 1331 , Li-ion polymer 60W No Hg ) it seems to have lasted so long I am almost embarrassed .

I used macbook as desktop computer and it was always on a charger .As I came to understanding a few days ago that was dangerous because these batteries are inflammable and that doesn't quite seem to be appealing as a possibility in the future.Therefore I hesitate to order a replacement battery .Than again perhaps newer replacements due to a possible technology improvements could be fire safe .If they are secure then my doubts are no more present .


@crashexpres - Don’t get lost in the chemistry! Even todays batteries are Lithium Ion and all batteries by the nature hold energy in a chemical form.


Right.My doubt is in this : if I keep new battery on a charger all the time which I intend to do because my magsafe charging port isn't reliable as it is supposed to be really ,can the battery catch on fire ?


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