Ice maker stopped working

I’m having issues with Frigidaire ice maker my model is FGUS2642 LF2

Always had water to the door but the ice maker stopped after cleaning the clogged up tray. This is what I have done so far: replaced water filter, water got stronger to door but still no ice maker

Replaced water valve ( 3 solenoid) checked that I did have good pressure to valve and leaving valve also made sure line from valve to top of freezer was clean and not frozen also tube to ice tray clear and not frozen.

I thought maybe the on off switch might be bad and I did have another ice maker with same parts just a different plug so I took all the switches out and replaced them being sure each was installed correctly.

The reason I thought the switch or motor might be bad or weak was when I took the maker out of freezer it was jammed with a piece of ice and in a bind.

I’m not a professional but I’m not a complete novice either, I have always worked on all of my appliances but I’m just about ready to burn this thing and use it for target practice.

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I don’t know what else to add to get a answer, I think I’ve put everything down I can think of. I just can’t figure why after changing the water valve out that didn’t at least get the water back up to ice maker. I did check for resistance before and after changing the valve out, the old one showed bad and the new one was good. I would just buy a new maker altogether at this point but I don’t want to do that without being sure there’s not something I’ve overlooked.


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