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Introduced in September 2004 and replaced with a version in 2010. The following model numbers apply: ZA11S, ZC71S, ZC11S, ZD11S, ZC21S, ZD21S, ZC31S.

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How to repair door window. It's hardly go upward

Driver's side door window is not working properly

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@naina67714 are those power windows? It goes up, just very slowly? what have you checked?


Driver side window is closing hardly


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@naina67714 could be a bad roller in the window regulator or a failing power window motor. Here is the part of the SM that deals with the power windows Swift Power Windows. Check the window regulator and see if that moves properly

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ok dont laugh but if its really slow to go up but goes down normal speed youll need a can of wd 40 and what you do is while window is up you coat the whole window with wd40 spray outside ,protect the paint best you can with a towel or?but spray it like you were washing the window fully coat it and then do inside as well ,let it stand for a couple minutes then roll it down ,after that wd 40 both the tracks the window slides in and anything.else attached to glass ,arms cables ect then try running it up and down to see if it helped and wipe off any overspray on out/ inside with a little gentle dish soap or car wash soap (prefered) and wet rag

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