How to locate PMU reset button on Model A1010


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I know of no button but here's how to reset the PMU on your machine:

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The article you referred me to talks about "resetting the PMU button" but the photo they include does not match my computer; so much for Apple Support.


If Apple support can't help you're in trouble. Maybe you should check exactly which machine you have.


I have PowerBook G4 (12"), Model A1010, but is VGA model; apple support shows photo of reset button only for DVI model, not VGA; the VGA Model A1010 is 867MHz. I am attempting to reset the PMU, as a last resort when couldn't get past apple pic w/grey spinning ball, and tried all other suggestions prior to a reset. The photo shown on Apple Support is different than my VGA model; can anybody tell me where the reset of PMU is located once this model taken apart?


I haven't heard of a "PMU reset" button on that model, but given your symptoms a PMU reset is not likely to help...sounds more like a bad hard drive, a corrupted OS install, or an OS that can't fully boot due to a lack of RAM.


After several days of searching for PMU reset, I agree there may not be one on this model; I will check for bad hard drive or corrupted OS install; I have lots of Ram. At one point I got it started, went to disk utility and verified permissions ok, started repair permissions; about half way thru it froze; I also think it might be an old OS9 software program, but can't bring it up to delete it; anyway, thanks.


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