*2006* Programming replacement keyfobs with broken door buttons?

I was trying to program replacement keyfobs on a 2006 Silverado because the one that works left is dying (worked well enough to unlock the truck as normal).

I went to reprogram 4 of them so there's always 1 reliable master I can go back to for this but the truck has a broken lock/unlock switch is busted and I just can't do it because I've tried the keyfob method as well as the door switch, neither worked.

Short of replacing the buttons (which I discussed with this person; they won't do it bc they're adamant on a newer truck). As anyone who knows how I feel about modern GM products and the longevity concerns of a turbo engine in a truck vs. a big V8 like the 5.4 or 6.2 and the workhorse LS-based LT engines) I'd have replaced the switch and replaced the engine with another engine well before touching a new GM even if I got called nuts for it to avoid the issues the complexity of the EcoTec3 V8 invites...

Other than a locksmith or Autel tool I don't own, is there a way to get this done as a DIY with the broken panel?

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