PsVita 2000 Flashes green for a second and does not power on.

So I bought a Psvita 2000 PHC-2016 with a broken screen and when I try to turn it con the green light on top flashes green for a second and doesn't turn on. It charges without a problem.

Block Image

I had other Psvitas that turned on even with the screen broken. I looked at the motherboard and there is no water damage and everything seem to be in really good condition.

My question could it be that the broken screen is the cause of this behaviour?

Can anyone show me where the fuses are in Psvita slims of this model.

Is it safe to put the new Motherboard into my other working Psvita or can it fry the screen or other components in my working vita?

My working vita is PHC-2004.

I can provide pictures of the faulty vita if needed.

It costed me 20€ in case it has no fix I can sell the parts to recover my losses.

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