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The Toyota Camry is an automobile sold internationally by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota since 1982, spanning multiple generations. Originally compact in size (narrow-body), later Camry models have grown to fit the mid-size classification (wide-body)—although the two sizes co-existed in the 1990s.

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Would 97 Toyota Avalon XL sedan windshield fit on 1999 Toyota Camry LE

I have 1999 Toyota Camry and was wondering would '97 Toyota Avalon XL sedan windshield would fit? Also what other year and make of another vehicle windshield that would fit on '99 Toyota Camry?

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Looking through the a Toyota Dealer parts catalog, there are two varieties of windshield for this car, heated and non-heated. According to the linked site, the heated model is compatible with a 1997 Avalon XL, as well as 1999 Camry LE's with the heated front glass option.

However, other sites offer conflicting information and indicate that the Avalon uses a different part # which isn't necessarily compatible with the Camry. If you want to be 100% sure that you're getting the right part, I'd look for either a heated or non-heated (depends on your car) windshield for a 1997-1999 Camry (these all seem to use the same part #, though some sites claim that a 1997-2001 windshield will fit a 99).

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