PS vita touch going crazy

I bought a ps vita which have had two previous owners, the first one modded the PS vita 1000 with an USB charging port because his nephew destroyed the charging port, but broke the frame to add the extra charging port, the second one bought it and after few months decided to try to fix the charging port by himself, bought a new frame and tried to install the charging port, thing that he couldn't do properly, and he damaged the board and the screen in the process, and then sell it to me, the old charging port was removed in an unproper way, destroying three contacts in the process, that fix is easy, I fixed it adding three jumper cables to the corresponding components and it's working good now, the main issue now is when he removed the screen he told me that the glue was extremely strong and when separating the screen from the frame he went too deep with the tool and apparently damaging the touch in the process, the screen looks well but the touch is unresponsive and goes crazy even if i'm not touching any part of the screen. I know that ps vita screens are not that expensive, but I rather know if somebody have had this issue before and if this have a fix or I should directly buy a new screen. I do ask this because I want to repair it and sell it for profit, buying a new screen mean less profit. Somebody have any idea?

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