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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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GPU Memory Thermal Pad Thickness?

I have 2 2013 Trash Can Mac Pro's and I would like to find out the thermal pad thickness for the GPU memory? One unit has the D500 GPU's and the other has the D300 GPU's.

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After cleaning things I dry fit the heatsink and then use a thickness gauge to measure the gap. Most of the time it’s 2mm. But Apple sources the RAM from a few sources and some are different thicknesses which is why I always check. The two AMD GPUs are the same so that’s not important.

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Just some info on the thermal pads thicknesses is 2mm maybe 2.5mm but my calipers says that it’s 2mm for the D300,D500 and D700. The only difference is the D500 and the D700 are longer then the D300 due to more memory chips on the GPU cards.

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The GPU chip always get thermal paste! Don’t use pads of any type here. The VRAM chips are what needs the pads as the elevation of the GPU is a bit higher. And as Apple sources there VRAM from a few different sources it’s wise to measure the gap to then use the correct thickness.


I met for the Vrams not for the action GPU chip. That would be a very bad idea.


@robertmathurin - 👍👍👍


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