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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Unable to get it connected with M1 MacBook Pro through adaptor

Tried to get this Thunderbolt Display connected through Apple thunderbolt 3 to 2 adaptor with my 2021 MacBook Pro 16", it doesn't have anything displayed on screen at all, and can't find it under "display" page from MacBook Pro itself.(That thunderbolt 3 to 2 adaptor works with my another Thunderbolt Display, so, the adaptor is not defective. However, connected it with my 2014 iMac with thunderbolt port directly, image shows correctly. Though the image shows correctly with 2014 iMac connected, the webcam, speakers and usb ports at the back doesn't seem to work at all.

So, what could be wrong with this display? Any thoughts?


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This can be confusing! Let’s look at what is behind the Thunderbolt connection on your 2014 system is really using DisplayPort connection via the TB port. Apple created a bit of confusion trying to push TB devices. Here displays don’t gain anything special unlike a drive. So a TB display with a drive plugged into it gains access! But the display it’s self is DP.

So this is where TB2 and TB3 differs! By offering a still faster data transfer for drives. But the display is still DP connected.

OK so what to do here? Simple get a mDP to USB-C cable. Sadly the display connected drives won’t work.

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@danj -- Hello Dan, thanks for this quick response. So, are you saying the thunderbolt port at this Apple display is actually miniDisplay port only, not the actual thunderbolt?

And also, the webcam and speakers from this display are not detected when connecting with my 2014 iMac, is there any solution to this?

Thanks again!


@lovecd - Well… not exactly! Think it like a tunnel which has water, gas and electricity all running down. Here we are talking about one service the display (water) and Web Cam (gas) and the speakers (electricity) are independent of each other and that also includes the display’s TB and USB ports.

So TB connection is the Tunnel as you what the display it needs to connect via DisplayPort (water pipe) so all you can connect is the water service side the other services need to be treated independently externally of this tunnel. This is the limitation of TB/TB2 within the TB3 world as TB/TB2 is very different than TB3 or USB-C connections.


@danj -- so, at this time, I can only get display (images on screen) working through mini-display output signals, right? And by the way, what kind of fix is needed if wanting the TB actually functions as it should? Replace the all-in-one cable or logic board? Any thoughts?



@lovecd - DP is the connection you need to use for the display, I can’t offer you any options as the technology has changed between the different TB connections. Talk to Apple see they can pull a rabbit out of the hat here.

As far as changing all in one cable or logic board not sure I follow your logic Apple never offered an upgraded cable or logic board. You could gut the system only saving the case and the display putting in a different controller board. But why, it wouldn’t change anything here.

I have two of these displays and I love them dearly as they offer what I need with my 2013 Mac Pro. When it dies I’ll need to do the same thing when I jump to a Mac Studio system or replace them with new displays.


@danj -- Hello Dan, it looks like I didn't describe the issue well, sorry about it. Let me rephrase it.

1. The monitor I have is 27" thunderbolt display with ethernet and thunderbolt ports at the back, not cinema display.

2. No image shows up when connecting with my 16" Macbook pro through TB3 to TB2 connector (connector has been tested in good working condition with another TB display I have).

3. Image does show correctly if connecting with my 2014 21.5" iMac desktop, but webcam, speakers and 3 usb ports at the back are not detected at all.

So, I was wondering if this is due to malfunctioning either at all-in-one cable or logic board? Any thoughts?



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