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Possible logic board issues

I have this iPhone 8 that I got for free but it was iCloud locked. I bought a logic board from eBay and it worked great. I got settled in and used it when I realized that I forgot to put the connector brackets back in. I powered it off, opened it and one of the screen connectors came disconnected while the battery was still plugged in. I think it was the home button cable but not sure. I put it back together, turned it on, and nothing. It takes charge but won’t turn on, make noise or display anything. I’m very worried I may have just destroyed a new board. Any advice is appreciated.

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On the older iPhones that contained an LCD display, it was not at all unusual to blow out the backlight circuit on the display if you plugged and unplugged it with the battery still connected, which is what may have have happened to you.

Try a couple more things to see if that's what's happened. First, shine a flashlight up against the screen in a darkened room and see if you can make out an image. If so, that's a dead backlight and replacing the screen should fix it.

Next, let's find out if the phone is indeed awake and you're just not seeing it. Flip the ring/silent switch on the side and see if you get the typical vibration when you do it. Does it vibrate when you plug and unplug the charger? Is it recognized when you plug it into a computer? If any of those things work then once again it's likely you've killed the screen and replacing it will probably get you going again.

Give that stuff a try then come on back and let us know what you find and we'll see what your next step should be.

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I tried a flashlight on the screen, mute switch, charging, iTunes, and nothing happened. I’m thinking it’s a board issue but I’m hoping it’s something else


@epicgamera94741 Curious about what you meant when you said it "takes charge" in your question. Does the screen give some indication that it's charging? Have you tried a wireless charger?


Yes I used a wireless charger and the light would turn green when I put the phone on


Ouch, well, something has definitely gone wrong there. Do you still have the old logic board that could be replaced to see if the phone comes up with it? That would tell you fairly definitely if it's a logic board issue or not.


Ok I put the old board in and it turned on just fine. I think I just have to figure out the iCloud lock at this point and remove it


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