Surface Book 3 Frequent Disconnect | Reconnect of Keyboard and Screen

The connectors seem fine, no scratches for dirt. I tried resetting, upgrading firmware, and cleaning connectors. I tried CRC 05103 Cleaner and some DeoxIT D100L Cleaner. Still random and frequently disconnect and reconnects. I could be typing and it disconnects and reconnects it self. If it is connected no mater how hard I try will separate it. If I press the button or short cut screen releases and I can separate it then. The issue is every 2 or 3 minute it disconnects and even when disconnected I can type, but I have to click back in the area because it defaults the cursor to the disconnect. Otherwise the keyboard work and screen works both when connected or separated. Also charging from the keyboard charges keyboard and screen with no issues. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Tablet is i7 10th Gen 32gb ram 512gb drive. The Keyboard is the 1909 with the NVidia GTX 1650.

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