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Screen flickered now grey with red flecks

I have an iphone 8 and the screen flickered for a few minutes and wouldn't respond to attempts to shut it off. Then the screen went completely grey with red flecks.

I tried the 'forced reset' by pushing and releasing volume up then volume down then holding the side button. I charged it for an hour. I can place a call to the mobile number the phone acts like it's there somewhat - shakes like the ringer is off. I tried to connect it to my computer with itunes and itunes would not recognize the phone (although it has in the past with no problem).

The screen has no cracks. This phone has always lived in a protective case. The phone hasn't gotten wet or anything unusual. There have been no indications of any problems until suddenly this event.

Any ideas?

Attached is a photo.

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That's a new one on me; I've never seen analog TV "snow" on an iPhone before! Out of curiosity, do you see a normal screen at any time? No luck doing a shutdown I take it?


Great! I have an original problem. That's not a good sign.

The screen used to be perfectly normal until today. Once the flickering started followed shortly by the 'snow' there hasn't been anything that looks like a normal screen at any time. I tried the forced shutdown (Volume UP, Volume Down then hold side button in until apple icon appears) and nothing has changed. Only the 'TV snow' screen.


I've only seen this TV snow effect before myself when there was a missing filter capacitor next to the display connector on a Pixel phone, no idea about iPhones myself, but it might be a good place to start-


update: I changed out the screen and the phone works fine. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


@ck997 Whew, that one had me worried for you! Guess that's a new failure mode to take note of, but glad all it took was a new screen to fix it.


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@ck997 I'm stumped. This doesn't look like any display/LCD failure I've ever seen. If you can afford to lose the data you might try a DFU restore (google it if need be).

If that doesn't work then it's most likely a hardware problem, but I hesitate to suggest replacing the screen as I don't have much confidence that would help. That being said, however, there really isn't anything else to try. If it's not the screen then it's almost certainly a motherboard problem and those can get expensive to fix; generally board-level repairs on an older phone like yours can very quickly exceed the value of the phone.

Given that the price of LCD screens is at an all-time low, if it was mine my next step would be to try another screen. If that didn't work you could try taking it to a repair shop; they may charge you for a diagnosis but at least then you'd know what you're up against.

If you do decide to try another screen, just plug in the new screen without bothering to transfer the home button first. The less you mess with those delicate flex cables the better, so if the new screen comes up with the same snow then you haven't jeopardized the button by trying to move it.

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