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Samsung'un başı çeken telefonu, Galaxy S9. Mart 2018'inde piyasaya çıktı.

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Why is my phone block the network

Why is my phone do not revognize the network

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Check your phones radio bands and what the carrier supports.

The phone makers often offer the same phone with different radios so it’s important to check your phone. To add to that the MEI you are using can set the bands your carrier uses so it may not offer what your phone is able to use.

Some methods and bands get retired and are no longer offered which can make your phone no longer useful.

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@finanba contact your provider and check your SIM card. You need to find out if you have service from your provider. After that you want to check your IMEI to see if your phone is blocked. Not sure if it works where you are located but you can check at places like this

Of course, you can also try to select your network mode type according to your provider. You do that by "dialing" *#2263#

If the settings etc. are all okay then you need to check the hardware. Start off by checking the no service fault

Block Image

Use your PDF readers search function, to find the components required to be checked, on hereComponent Layout

The other issue could be a bad daughter board (SUB PBA) since that is where most of the antennas and the antenna tuner ar elocated. If your phone worked before and now it does not, I would consider replacing that.

Block Image

Block Image

more to check


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