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My screen goes out and comes back on perdically

The screen stops working perdically for no reason then later will come back on. It will turn blue with white and black lines. When I attach an external monitor everything works fine, but it is not convenient to have an external monitor hooked up all the time. The monitor will perdically start working normally again and I can't seem to figure out what is making it stop and start working again. Does the LCD screen need replaced.

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Are the lines horizontal or vertical? Try moving the screen towards and away from the keyboard, during the different phases (blank, with lines and working normal) and let us know if it changes the image on the LCD, if so how.


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If the screen does work from time to time, it sounds like a bad display cable or screen

first take the computer apart and check the connection from the display assembly and make sure it is in, this will help sometimes, but not likely, tough worth a try

Test it for a few days after you do that to be sure

if it still does this, try replacing the display cable, although this is for the LCD screen swap, it will show you how to remove the display cable


if that does not work, it is probably the display at this point

follow the screen guide i linked, it will cover the LCD and display cable

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