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Battery Replacement Not Accepted

Hello. I just received a replacement battery from iFixit, and my laptop won’t boot into windows with it installed. Placed the old battery back in, and everything works just fine.

Does Dell lock their BIOS down if non-Dell parts are installed? And is there a trick to bypassing this?

Battery is the Dell 69KF2

Edit: The picture is the error I receive when plugged in

Block Image

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With the new battery installed, does it make it to the BIOS or does it completely brick up?


It makes it to the BIOS, but it warns me that the battery isn’t a Dell certified battery.


So it comes up and has a warning that your battery isn't genuine and it won't let you past it?


Yes. That’s exactly it.


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The issue here is Dell uses a custom TI battery gauge which also does a challenge/response code with the BIOS; if the response is not emulated (legal issues for sites like iFixit to knowingly sell) or a Dell BMS is reset and reused (legal since it's not cloned), it will reject the pack. This started with the E series due to the D series 2005 Sony recall. The issue is now by the time it's cracked, the laptops are so decrepit it doesn't matter to Dell, and the machines are mostly retired. Maybe RtR will fix this on future machines (potentially some older models), but Dell has begun to sell batteries on their site for "internal" laptops :-). This is where you can get the "right" battery now. You can get it at a slight discount from PartsPeople as well.

While Dell doesn't vendor lock things like SSDs and RAM (even screens), the battery IS locked down. That's why you can get a garbage spec machine from them with a good CPU at a healthy discount as a factory refurb and then buy the parts you really wanted like a 1TB SSD.

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Dell doesen't usually do this, so it can be a problem with the battery. Try cleaning the battery.

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Yeah, I think Dell is usually pretty open about repair and parts.


I thought so too, but the photo from the BIOS is the error I receive when I turn the machine on


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