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Repair information for the Canon Pixma Pro-10 color inkjet photo printer. First available on Amazon in September of 2012. Model number: PRO-10.

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Power light and service light alternately blink 12 time's

Power light and service light alternately blink 12 times

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Hi @dalerea

Here's a list of the codes for a Pixma Pro-10.

Scroll down to find the possible causes for a 12 blink error code.

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It means you're using 3rd party/refilled ink tanks and can't use Canon Creative Park 😂. Let's be honest here: Did you take your ink tanks out during a run? Doubt.

This error is a nothing burger; disregard it and move on. You have a 10-color printer with multiple color optimizers; use the printer for photography or graphic design, I don't know anyone with these PRO/PROGRAF printers who cares about Creative Park. It's a marketing tactic to force the use of virgin OEM Canon ink (I throw it under ink DRM like the Epson chip ID tracking, but it can be ignored) to appeal to crafters. If someone wants to use Creative Park and the ink is too expensive to buy OEM... You're SOL unless for some reason I bought OEM ink out of need or something. With most of these, I would rather refill since the economics are generally more in my favor (as long as it works out to be a print-quality wash).

Let the crafters deal with the cost of OEM ink and if you want to run refills from bulk ink (which places like Inkjet Mall sell), forget Creative Park. You're better off saving the money you would spend on OEM ink and risk damaging the printhead; the savings on ink vs risk favor where it permanently kills the printhead ($~$380-400) outweighs preserving Creative Park.

Twelve flashes:



The ink tank has been replaced during printing./Cannot print the contents on CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM.

This is why I'd rather lose Creative Park and refill, especially if I already found a nice one on the open market: $135, need I say more?

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