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The Aspire 3 A315 is a repairable laptop by Acer.

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Doest start completly and in few sec it restart repeatedly

It does't start completly but you can hear the fan and HD works only in a few sec , then it sart again same before no boot or display on screen... btw the screen is already broken but i used tv as external monitor (i mention it so you don't need to suggest that the monitor is the problem ) and it works without hustle.. The problem only occur after i clean up the fan. I remove the fan carefully and put it back just like i normaly do every time i clean it up.

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Is a Keyboard issue. The power button is on a keyboard, and if he fail, the laptop don't boot up, and sometimes enter in a loop, because he thinks a power button is pressed
Try this My keyboard is not working

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Oh thanks. But i already figure it out. It just happen that i need to change thermal grease.. The termal grease just dried out and create over heating thst force my device to shut down..

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