Magnets on the right side came off

Thanks for instructions!

I changed the battery successfully but while heating in order to remove the screen, 12 small magnets for the Smart Cover came off… any idea how to put them back?

Thanks a lot!

Update (11/20/23)

Hallo Alisha C,

here a picture of the 12 magnets, 6 silver colour and 6 a bit darker. They came off from the right side of the iPad when opening after heating. As soon as i took off the screen i heard magnets moving and coming together (they are small, approx 13 mm x 2,5 mm x 1 mm, but very strong ) so i didn't see were they were fixed before. I presume on the case under the screen distributed following a certain rule...

The iPad works well, turns on when i open the smart cover and turns off when i close it, these magnets are responsible for keeping the smart cover in contact with the screen. If i turn over the iPad with the screen towards the floor, the smart cover opens and stays attached only on the left side.

Block Image

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Perhaps you could post a picture so we know what you’re looking at. You can edit it right in to your original post.


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