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iPhone 8 loudspeaker not working

I bought a new lightning port for Iphone 8, but there's no sound coming from the loudspeaker, my hunch are the antenna converter cable which isn't present at the charging port or the loudspeaker has gone bad. The newly purchased port didn't include the converter cable and the original one was lost by the technician.
I will try to open it again to see if the speaker is placed properly.
Any suggestions i could try?
Thanks in advance!

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@dadibrokeit I appreciate the help, now i can start with confidence, thank you so much! Also i was not referring to the diversity antenna. It's the shortest one attached near the charging port underneath the diversity antenna that is attached to the louspeaker.


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Hi remiah,

Okay, just to clarify, the "antenna converter cable" you're referring to is called the Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna on the iFixit guides and parts pages, is that right?

Block Image

iPhone 8 Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna

Although I would expect issues with connecting to WiFi without that cable, it shouldn't have anything to do with your speaker. The speaker is connected via two exposed pads on the lightning connector assembly and the two spring contacts on the bottom of the speaker. So as long as the speaker is correctly positioned and screwed down, it should be making contact.

Block Image

So as far as I can see, it looks like you've got the situation covered. Yes, definitely open it up and check the spring contacts on the speaker to make sure they're not bent or broken, and look closely at the contacts on the flex cable to see if you can identify marks on both from the speaker's spring connectors. If everything looks good and you can't identify a specific problem, I would personally go ahead and pick up the Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna, a new speaker and a new lighting port assembly just in case.

Pop the replacement speaker in and see if that does the trick; if not the only other thing it can really be is that you've gotten a bad lightning cable so I'd replace it again and hope that does the trick. If not you'll need to check the lightning port connector on the motherboard for bent or broken pins, since that's about all that's left that it could be.

So check out those items, replace the parts as suggested and let us know what you find and how it all turns out. Good luck with your repair!

Update (11/16/23)

@remiah I'm sure you'll figure this out once you get in there and have a chance to take a look at what's going on there.

I have to admit I was still unclear on the antenna converter cable, other than finding that the iFixit lightning connector assembly guide specifically says the lighting connector includes that antenna converter cable. A little more research on the internet and it appears there's at least one eBay seller who's got it for sale.

OEM Charging Port Dock Connector Antenna Replace Part for iPhone 8 4.7 Inch

Block Image

Is that the one?

iPhone 8 Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna Görseli


iPhone 8 Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna


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@dadibrokeit I fix the sound issue! Thank u! Turned out it just need a bit of pressure, i failed to put all the screws back the last time i opened it.

Yes, that's the one, it's unclear what it does though.


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