laptop is stuck in developer mode, cannot access any of the functions

my chromebook recently restarted and logged me out, some update i must’ve allowed, i open it and i log in until i get to the wifi connect screen, i realized i forgot my password so i tey every combination i know. doesn’t work. so i go to google and search things up to see if i can find my password through a backwards way, i end up getting sent on a wild goose chase with my keys and commands and end up in developer mode. i’m told to press crtl+d to exit dev mode to go back to the regular screen and input my wifi password (which i found out you can look on your phone to see minutes after), i do that, and it shuts off. it starts doing this blinking thing and continues to do that until my laptop dies or i close it. i put it down earlier today before i slept to see if it would stop and it’s not. i tried reopening dev mode and input ctrl+d again, but it’s not working and all i can do is flip between the langauges on the usb recovery screen. i can’t access anything else and can only open developer mode. i’m at a loss and are willing to completely factory reset my laptop, but it seems i can’t even do that either not unless it’s completely turned on. i’ve looked for videos to see if anyone has the same issue and found this ( this is what’s hapoening to mine. no chrome symbol, no nothing. just blinking :{

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