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Early 2011 Model: A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor

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Broken graphic with green tint, super slow

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Hello, I have this early 2011 MacBook Pro (13 inch with intel graphic) and it started being unusable - it starts but already on the startup it has broken graphic with green tint and fans go bonkers. It boots up all the way but is so slow, I just managed to open the Activity Monitor, it says the system is using 94% of CPU… I’ve tried the pram and smc reset, disconnecting the battery, restarting to safe mode, no change at all… just before it started doing this I’ve powered it on after some time and found out that a DVD was in the drive, took it out and then it started doing this pretty much immediately so U gues it’s some software glitch hopefully? Any help?

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@stepanhonc connect an external monitor and see what that screen looks like. This does not look like a software error.


@oldturkey03 Thank you, on the external monitor it looks normal… but if it’s just a display why would the system keep using 94% cpu and make the whole thing near dead? (The fans go crazy the moment the display lits on booting)


@stepanhonc I wonder what it would show when you disconnect the internal monitor. Do you know off hand what board your MBP has 820-xxxx? I think the the high CPU usage may be coming from somewhere else


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Can you try booting into Safe Mode? You can do this by holding down shift whilst booting

Try to open up Recovery Mode (Cmd + R) and see if it happens there. If it does not, you might want to try reinstalling macOS

Good luck fixing your MacBook Pro,


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Hello, thank you, yeah it’s the same in safe mode and recovery mode as well… I guess it’s not software after all :/


Then it is most likely a screen issue. It might not be the best investment to buy a replacement screen, as the MBP is very old at this point, unless you could find them for really cheap.


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