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The HP Pavilion 15 cs0xxx is a 15-inch laptop that was released as part of the HP Pavilion computer line.

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Why a fan of my laptop making sound too much?

i think the processor is working at a high rate I don't know just please tell me the solution.

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@nahomteshale we will not know the solution because we are having difficulty identifying the problem. Please update your post to include the make, model, symptoms of your problem, which OS your computer uses and the troubleshooting you’ve already tried.


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It would be helpful if you could put more detail into your post. However, I will do my best to help you based on what info you have provided already.

A good thing to do is to open it up and replace the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU. Use brushes and compressed air to clean out all of the fans, air vents, and cooling pipes. Make sure all heatsinks and fans are attached and plugged in well. Reseat the RAM.

Use an application like cCleaner to clean out your storage, and defragment your hard drive. Close any nonessential programs and restart the computer.

Hope this helps!

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You need to go into the bios of the laptop by turning it off gracfuly with the operating system and then press exit repeaditly untill you see a screen with the f keys labeled press f10 then you will be in the bios find where the setting ("fan is always on" setting and press enter how you navigate the bios is by pressing the arrow keys up and down are for the sub settings and side to side is how you swap the settings I belive it is in system settings. This way you can turn it off pressing enter and then going up/down to turn it off then the fan will still work but only when it is needed the navigate to the exit page and exit while saving changes. I would recomend only chaging one thing at a time and resuching what that change does too.

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I own this laptop and got the same thing but now it is dead quiet except for like once every half hour or so. Hope this helps and don't feel like the other guy who posted did you wrong he just is not familar with this laptop and it is an odd fix to this issue.


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