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The PlayStation Portal is a portable, handheld player, that gives a user access to the games on their PlayStation 5 console over their home Wi-Fi.

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Dpad stops responding after multiple inputs

Whenever I move from side to side quickly on my dpad and then hold on the last input, it stops responding until i release the button and press it again. This doesnt happen with the joystick. Im not sure if this is a software issue but I did take mine apart to have a look and didnt see anything obviously wrong or misaligned internally. I dont think its a streaming or lag issue because I can replicate it with the brightness slider from the portals system settings. Is there a hardware issue that I should be looking for that may cause this? I did notice that the blue ribbon under the silicone cap was a little lose and not touching the board on one side but not sure if that would cause this or what to use to secure it to the board.

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I didn't know what a Playstation portal was until now, so thanks for introducing me to that.

I think the problem might be with that ribbon. That is all my limited experience can tell you, as I don't know how to fix that.

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I found a video for a teardown on YouTube and the guys ribbon cable looks a little loose as well. Around 4 minutes in.

Maybe it’s a software issue, I may try replacing the dpad itself, it looks to be the same as the ps5, but in the meantime I’ll not play any games that need quick dpad movements. Everything else works great so far.


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