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How do I replace the doc at the bottom

per the apple store guys the doc at the bottom is broken (it does look rusty).

  • Is this part replaceable?
  • Where would I locate someone to do this?
  • or is it easy enough to figure out with the correct tools?

My son's 1st day of school is on my it so I don't want to just replace it (which was the apple store's suggestion)

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pantherose, the dock connector is soldered to the logic board. It is possible to replace by de-soldering the old one and re-solder a new one. But, this is extremely tedious due to the size of the connector. It would require some excellent soldering skills as well as proper tools. Here isthe guide for the disassembly. I have not come across a replacement for it, but if you are willing to go that route, contact me on my email (address is in my profile) and I will send you a logic board that I have left over from a previous repair. Of course it will be free ;-) Hope this helps, good luck.

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Old Turkey! I tripped over a wire and I broke Part of the Dock Connector on a Customer's iPod! URGH! Can you help me out as you offered the other person who needed to replace the Dock Connector on a Gen 5 Nano 8GB please? You can email me at: or Text or Call me at 970-333-2203! Thanks! I sure hope I asked this in the Correct Spot, but I couldn't find how to reach you! Please HELP?




NikeBordeaux, that was over a year ago:-) You do know how to solder and how to work on the Nano? Right now I only have a couple of bad 4th gen Nano boards, I do not think that those will fit.


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