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The Nintendo 3DS XL 2015, marketed as the New Nintendo 3DS XL, was released October 11, 2014 in Japan and February 13, 2015 in North America.

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How do I fix 3DS freezing or not turning on in the first place?

A few months ago, I was playing on my 3DS XL, when the screen just froze. there was no audio nor response when I pressed the home button and the screen would not turn off when I shut the DS. it would let me power it off but when I turned it back on the screen would light up, but remain black with only the blue light turning on. after about 5 minutes, it would turn back on again but a few minutes later it would freeze again. I left the DS for a few months but now it won't even fully boot up. The screen just lights up black and does not turn off when I shut the DS, And the blue light is on, but nothing else happens. Is this fixable?

Update (01/09/24)

It is turning on again but it will freeze after about a minute. I tried to reformat the system but it froze while it was connecting to the internet.


Block Image

The frozen screen.

Block Image

The screen not turning off when closed.

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If it's on official firmware (not jailbroken) have you tried removing the sd card first, then turn it on? Have you tried booting into "recovery" mode? Hold A+R+L+Up(on DPad) then press power. Did you recently update the firmware?

Update (01/26/24)

I Found a similarish issue.

Block Image

See the red arrow. That ribbon cable and it's connector. In some peoples cases it turned out that the latch was no longer pressing securely enough upon the ribbon cable. This in turn was causing random freezing. Use electricians tape to secure the cable down. Place something thick but not too thick like a bit of thermal pad or the like on the outside of the tape. Just thick enough that when you replace the back shell it gently presses on the material without making the shell bulge or become unclosable.

However I also noticed that despite the lid being closed the screen is still on. :( Try this, turn the machine on and close the lid. If the screen stays on take a small magnet (not a giant super powerful one) and position it near the side of the 3ds nearest the B button. When you do this does the screen turn off or stay on?

If it were me I'd double check all the ribbon cables and make sure they are all properly seated, and properly secured. I'd also check for signs of corrosion or liquid damage.

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I believe it is official firmware. I did try removing the SD card and turning it back on but it would either not turn on, or it would freeze up again.


I think the Recovery mode may have worked. I will have to wait a little and see, but i will let you know if it continues.

Thank You.


never mind, it froze up again :(


Sorry to hear it. I'll look into it a bit more but this is the first I've ever heard of this problem.


Thank you. I added some pictures, hope that will help.


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