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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Display not powering up intermittent. Troubleshooting steps?

The display occasionally works and when working generally continues working.

When it doesn’t. The display is not recognised by the Mac. The MagSafe gives power (although not very much).

What are the troubleshooting steps from here?

(I took it to the local repair shop who charged me €20 for diagnosis and gave it back saying they couldn’t get it apart but it “doesn’t work” :-)

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Did you get your money back? Clearly they didn’t have a clue!

As the MagSafe does have power (the MagSafe cord is either Amber or Green) ideally you should monitor CoconutBattery to see what’s happening.

As the system doesn’t see the display could be a ThunderBolt cable issue or a flakey logic board connector. As you didn’t tell us what your system is I can’t dive any deeper in this direction.

How is the cable? Any noticeable damage or the cable is a bit sloppy within the connection? If you have a spare TB cable you can also use one of the displays ports to feed the video from your system (by passing the attached cable) does that work?

I would try a second system if you can or if your system has a second port try that as well.

If we can remove the cable and the system then this gets into the logic board within the TB display. It could be a cold solder joint or failing component.

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Indeed. According to them "The screen has failed" (yes that's why I'm here) and "We couldn't get into it" (the internet? I can get my fingernails under the glass now that I know) but my Italian wasn't up to arguing the toss. I should have come here first.

Anyway, thanks for the reply. I'm using a MacBook Pro (sonama) with a Thunderbolt 3-2 adaptor but I have tested it with a MacBook Air with a MDP and no adaptor (this managed to charge over the space of a day, orange and green lights OK)

So next step is to obtain a male-male TB2 cable and try the expansion port (according to other articles) then remove the panel and patch directly to the TB port on the logic board. At this time I can check the connector seatings.

It's such a beautiful object it's difficult to consign it to the skip of obsolete technojunk.


@chrispink23434 - I have two of them! As John Heston boldly stated 'Over my dead body' While a bit melodramatic, until Apple really makes a halo-less 5K display I'm holding onto mine! Rumor has it a dual OLED screen is coming but its pricey!


I’m happy to report that plugging a Thunderbolt 2 cable into the extension port at the back works a treat. Whether I can be bothered to dismantle to replace the existing cable remains to be seen.

I can add two interesting things to the hive mind.

# It is confirmed that with a MacBook Pro M1 the TB2 - TB3 (USB-C form) adaptor works fine in this configuration. I will test at some point with other machines.

# Which is most interesting to me. The M1 Pro won’t run two external USB-C monitors but it will run the Thunderbolt 27” monitor and a single USB-C monitor as extension monitors. Which is a wonderful discovery. Although it begs the question; why not?


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