MacBook shut down and won’t turn on or charge repair suggestions

My Mac just went blank wouldn’t charge or turn on tried resetting SMC and NVRAM but nothing worked.

I got it diagnosed at a local tech store here in Nigeria since we don’t have an Apple Store and it was the IC chip. Got it fixed and the laptop was working, the technician also suggested I get a new battery which I did as my old one was toast.

But the camera and sound stopped working completely and the new battery stopped charging too after roughly 14 days when I tried to reset to see if the sound and video be restored. I checked the battery health tried all troubleshooting like SMC and NVRAM reset but nothing worked

So I took it back and he told me to manage it that way. But I decided to get a new logic board on AliExpress for 70 USD and used instructions on iFixit site to install it myself.

Finally the camera was working but laptop became slow with fan running in high speed non stop. Meanwhile the sound ain’t working still so I contacted the motherboard surplier and he suggested I get a new I/O audio jack board which I did. And boom sound is back!

But fan still works on high speed, system is still slow and battery not charging despite diagnostics showing battery health is normal. Then my MagSafe charger died and I decided to get a new one. On getting to the store I asked the supplier to pls confirm that my battery was good and boom!

He confirmed the battery was a fake that was why my system was slow and not charging and to prove it to me he installed an original apple battery and the most amazing thing happens the MacBook was fully back to normal like a brand new.

So in all slow MacBook with fan speed on high speed could be I/O jack board or battery but many things could cause it.

Anyways this is my journey and I hope it helps someone out there.

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