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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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Replace toner reset error


Does anyone know how to override the replace toner error on this new HL-L5210DN version of Brother laser printer?

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With Brother, it depends; the initial in-box starter toner lacks a reset gear like the retail toner; but that only matters if you refill them because you need to add the reset gear*.
*This can be skipped if you override the replace toner stop "feature" when you refill it, but it will keep nagging you. I usually suggest ADDING IT to the starter cart if you intend to avoid issues with tracking it and to avoid the message, but do not "reset" the gear until you do a truly new refill. It's a matter of removing the cover with the big round gap, loosening the spring, and then "resetting" it to full. Do this with the replace toner override enabled.

If you're not trying to refill and are just trying to bypass the stop, there's a way in the firmware on the monochrome machines not found with Color Brothers. If you look in the Machine settings and under the Print menu, there's a setting that lets you change it from Stop to Continue. Once you do that, the printer only uses the gear and chip (if equipped) for initial "new toner" tracking after the initial starter is swapped.

However, the printer WILL still nag you; these days, it's just the name of the game today but with this done correctly the error doesn't stop you from printing. Just ignore the message and keep going until you notice the toner is truly low.

This is for an L2350DW, but all of the 1-line LCD Brothers essentially all use the same procedure; it's just not publicized:

If the option is not present, at all:

It may be in a similar menu on the newer Brothers, but this should give you a general target on how to do it (change "Warning" to "Continue"):

Block Image

Block Image

You can usually sneak an extra ~150-200 pages or so comfortably with Brother printers with the override-out reset. I usually recommend overriding it over resetting the reported levels to 100%, as it can necessitate redoing the reset if it doesn't properly catch it and self correct. This is at ~106 pages past with the override in place:

Block Image

NOTE: this is not a replacement for having an extra toner on hand. This is a way to get a few additional pages out of a toner that’s running low.

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