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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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Why does the mainboard heat up when a battery is connected?

I installed a battery to the device and after a few minutes, the board is heating up. The phone also does not boot up and it only uses 5.025V/0.227A when connected to an AC adapter. I didn't connect the NFC/Wireless Charging module yet, but I think its damaged as the old battery swelled and extremely bent the flex cable.

Block Image

The heat is concentrated on the encircled part of the photo above. I'm not sure if the heat is from the other side or if its from the opposite side, as the display also feels warm.

What's wrong with the phone?

Block Image

Block Image

PS: The phone was in storage for a long time ago and the original battery was extremely swelling. The battery cracked / destroyed the rear glass cover.

Edit: Pop opened the shield based on @oldturkey03 's answer.

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@mylesuy you will definitely need a new battery. The one in your phone is pretty much done. Make sure that you are careful when you remove it and do not puncture it. It'll stink and release some unpleasant gases. You need to replace it before you do anything else with your phone. DO NOT TRY TO CHARGE YOUR PHONE ETC!

Next, replace your battery. Then pop the marked EMR shield open and take a look at the components. Take a picture that is well focused and goes directly horizontally so we can actually see the components.

Based on the schematic you have your PMIC (Power Management IC) under the shield, so yes, I would expect it to get hot trying to charge that battery :-) It hopefully resolves after you replace the battery. Do Not Use Your Phone In Any Matter with this battery.

Update 02/14/2024

@mylesuy That means we have to dig deeper. Follow the Samsung flowsheet for the No Power situation

Block Image

Then open this document Component Layout and use your PDF readers search function to find the components listed in the flowchart.

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I already have a new battery and it heats up when the new battery is connected. Do I need a hot air rework station to open the shield?


@mylesuy looks like you can open the "lid" by just inserting a small screwdriver and gently prying it open. I use a soldering iron with large chisel tip to remove EMI shields....


I updated the question showing the contents inside the shield. @oldturkey03


@mylesuy now we need to consider how hot is hot. Your components do not look like they have been exposed to excessive heat. Does your new battery get charged?


@oddturkey03 The phone shows no signs of life even with the new battery, not even the charging symbol. As for the heat, its warm, I can still touch it without getting burned / injured. The heat is comparable to the heat generated by a phone when playing a graphics intensive game.


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