No power after repaste

I pulled the secondary code 0013. I repasted my Xbox 360 s. Now it will not power up at all. I followed the video to a T.I’m stumped. Am I missing something?

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Reason for the repaste? Have you checked you put everything back together correctly?


I pulled the 0013 code . Upon further inspection I seem to have damaged the faceplate ribbon. I’m able to manipulate the sensors with a screwdriver, but unfortunately it’s still throwing 0013. From what I’ve read it may need to be “reflowed” . A bit nervous being as I have a heat gun and YouTube, but from what I’ve seen , it’s possible.


Yes. Everything has been put together 100% correctly 3 times


Try turning it on from the controller.


Andrei, I’m able to turn it on with a small flat head by touching the connection on the board. Repasted the gpu, was extremely careful, put everything back as it should go and still has the 0013 code when powered on. I’m thinking maybe reflow the gpu? That’s the only other thing I could seem to find in the error. Besides testing the resistors. But I’m not sure how to do that and I know I don’t have the tool


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